Philippa of Hainault biography released

Wednesday, 16 October 2019

One-hundred and nine years is a long time between biographies for a public figure. Its a longer time for an important person of the Fourtheenth Century. In the past two or three decades many books have been written on people of power and influence in Britain’s past, and many of these have been of women neglected by writers and publishers. Recently Yale published a new biography of the Empress Matilda, for example, after a quater of a century since the Marjorie Chibnal study designed for academic study. Today Amberley has released a new biography of Philippa of Hainault, by Kathryn Warner, ISBN 9781445662817. This breaks the drought since the last biography of Philippa by B.C. Hardy in 1910. This is Warner's seventh history book. Her specialty is Edward II and she has published biographies both of Edward and his queen Isabella of France.