Updated website

Tuesday, 1 October 2019

It may not seem apparent from looking at the pages in this website but this is a new version of the website went live today. Version 1 was a more basic approach in 2015. Version 2 from mid-2017 included a lot more information and links. Now version 3 gives the reader a wealth of detail not imagined before. Included in this version are cover notes - descriptions on the cover art and its source. A few bits of navigation have been tightened up and one of two errors corrected. More peer reviews from scholoarly journals have been added to each book page. These are help the reader evaluate the book and the author.

All pages have been migrated to new software. It has been moved to EverWeb as the old 32 bit software previously used has been retired as it won’t work with your compiler’s Mac when it gets an upgrade later this year to the new Mac OS. A new feature afforded by this software is this news blog. It will be updated when there is something to report although this won’t be frequent because the world of publsihing moves slowly. However, as you can see above, already there are a few things to report. 

Generally the pages look the same as before, but one or two stylistic tweaks were necessary to get the pages into the new software. A different look was on the cards at one stage, but it took months to migrate the existing site and a new look was a bridge too far.

As always, please send comments or corrections which you can do via the link at the foot of every page.