Henry III, Part 2

Tuesday, 19 November 2019

Early publicity for Professor Carpenter’s English Monarchs Henry III advises us that the 2020 book is the first of a two-volume work. Those who noticed the subtitle of the book set for release on 12 May 2020 would have seen that it takes Henry’s story only to 1258. This second book will take Henry’s biography to his death and the end of the reign in 1272. Yale have updated the description on their website and this is copied on the websites of vendors now taking pre-release orders. This is a significant development in the English Monarcs series. It is too early to hope for information on the approximate release date of the second volume, but it might be published a few years after the first volume. A two-volume work is rare, but not unknown. Yale published a two-volume work on Napoleon (2008 and 2013) and also on Wellington (2013 and 2015) with each volume being a substantial length at about 700 pages long. Henry III part 1 will be close to 600 pages.