Tip Top biography of Sir John Tiptoft

Wednesday, 15 January 2020

During 2019 Pen and Sword publishers released a biography of a key figure of the “Wars of the Roses” called ‘Sir John Tiptoft: Butcher of England, Earl of Worcester, Edward IV’s enforcer and humanist scholar'. Those familiar with the period will already have knowledge of Tiptoft, but this new biography has much more detail not available in accounts of Henry VI or Edward IV. Tiptoft was a character of contrasts both brutal and enlightened of an age on the cusp of change. He was equally at home empaling and beheading on the one hand, while a great scholar and collector for his library on the other. The publicity for this book says, "As Constable of England he acted as Edward's enforcer and earned the sobriquet 'Butcher of England' for his beheadings and impalements. Yet he was also an outstanding Renaissance scholar who studied at Oxford, Padua and Ferrara, a collector of books and patron.” Regardless of the characterisations he was an important political figure for this age. This book gives another insight into Tiptoft’s era. ISBN 9781783463824