Cromwell, Protectorate ill

Friday, 7 February 2020

Head of Zeus Press has published a new title by a prominent contributor to English history; 'Providence Lost: the Rise and Fall of Cromwell’s Protectorate’ by Paul Lay was published in hardback on 9 January, ISBN 9781781852569. The author is editor of History Today and Senior Research Fellow in Early Modern British History at The University of Buckingham. The publicity describes the book as “...the story of England's first and only experiment with republican government: he brings the febrile world of Oliver Cromwell's Protectorate to life, providing vivid portraits of the extraordinary individuals who inhabited it and capturing its dissonant cacophony of political and religious voices."

Lay examines the period of decline of Cromwell’s Protectorate during the 1650s and the weaknesses of his failed attempt at a new form of government in England. ‘Providence Lost’ is mentioned as the most up to date look at this period, and it follows closely the 2019 Penguin reprint of Christopher Hill’s 'God’s Englishman: Oliver Cromwell and the English Revolution’, originally issued by Weidenfeld and Nicolson in 1970.