Reading from home

Monday, 23 March 2020

The current pandemic is a grim time indeed. History readers will know the significance of the dates 1348 and 1918 and what links these two years. For those seeking an understanding of the relationship between disease and the social change it leaves as a legacy a recent Yale study is available - ‘Epidemics and Society: From the Black Death the the Present’ by Frank M. Snowden, Andrew Downey Orrick Professor Emeritus of History and History of Medicine at Yale University. ISBN 9780300192216. This book was published by Yale in October (US) and November (UK) last year and discusses the way disease has shaped society during seven centuries, from the Black Death to Ebola. The book may stray into more medical detail than a history reader would seek, but it is highly relevant to the extraordinary times the world is experiencing. This title is not yet available as an ebook, although a paperback version is promised for May 2020 (both UK and USA). Further information can be found at the Yale webpage for the book here.