Morton's Fork and Knaves

Monday, 20 April 2020

Amberley has published a biography of Sir John Morton - famous for the ‘Morton’s Fork’ conundrum - and the first scholarly biography of ths fascinating early-Tudor figure; it is the first biography of Morton since an inadequate Victorian-era book. ‘John Morton, Adversary of Richard III, Power Behind the Tudors’  was written by Dr. Stuart Bradley, a history teacher, and was published in hardback in 2019. No less an historian than S.B. Chrimes described Morton as the key figure in the government of Henry VII. "This book follows John Morton's career through the reigns of Henry VI and Edward IV, and his central role in opposition to Richard III, before his fifteen years as Lord Chancellor to Henry VII, which were crucial to the establishment of the Tudor dynasty.” This book is of interest for those who collect history of the Tudor period, especially for students of the shadowy reign of Henry VII. ISBN 9781445679631