Henry III Volume 2 cover and release dates

Saturday, 8 October 2022

The second volume of David Carpenter’s epic English Monarchs series biography of Henry III will be released in hardback in the middle of 2023. The book trade is giving various dates of 9 May and 13 June. It’s concievable that the earlier date is for the UK and the later date for North America. Yale’s US site carries the later date. The cover for this new hardback is a variation of the first volume from 2000; the two colours on the cover have been reversed. This time the background is red and the tomb efiggy is green. The online vendors surveyed are taking pre-orders now. Although you have plenty of time it would be wise to pre-oder soon and not leave it till the last moment. Volume one was so popular that it proved hard to acquire only months after its release. See the image and some updated information at this website’s page for the book here. ISBN 9780300248050