Edward V

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See: Edward IV or Richard III

* Special Recommendation:

Edward V by Professor Michael Hicks

We can be certain that there will be no Yale book on Edward V. Edward is part of the narrative in the studies of Edward IV and Richard III, both by Charles Ross, and the general reader may be satisfied with that account of the short-lived king.

Of the many books written about “the princes in the tower” one stands above the others - that by Professor Michael Hicks titled ‘Edward V’ (The History Press, 2003). Hicks is Emeritus Professor of Medieval History at the University of Winchester and uses his skills to tease meaning from the evidence and the events surrounding Edward’s death to write a compelling account of his short life and his unseen death. As no other author has done before, Hicks uses the court records to trace the end of the reign of Edward IV, the rise of the Woodville’s and the ascent of Richard of Gloucester to examine to position of Edward V in the collapse of the Plantagenet line.

Professor Hicks' new study on Richard III was published by Yale at the end of 2019, although not as part of the English Monarchs series. These credentials will recommend to readers Professor Hicks’ earlier book on Edward V and also earn that book’s inclusion in this website.

King Edward V by an unknown artist, held by the National Portrait Gallery, London.