Beaufort, First Duke of

Beaufort: The Duke and His Duchess, 1657-1715 (2001)

Molly McClain

Assistant Professor in the Department of History at the University of San Diego

ISBN: 9780300188387

Anne Boleyn

Anne Boleyn: Fatal Attractions (2011)

G. W. Bernard

Professor of Early Modern History at the University of Southampton

ISBN: 9780300170894

Lord Burghley (William Cecil)

Burghley: William Cecil at the Court of Elizabeth I (2008)

Stephen Alford

Professor of Early Modern British history at the University of Leeds.

ISBN 9780300170887

Charles I

1 - The Personal Rule of Charles I (1992)

ISBN 9780300056884

2 - Selling the Tudor Monarchy: Authority and Image in Sixteenth-Century England (2009)

ISBN 9783000140989

3 - Rebranding Rule: The Restoration and Revolution Monarchy, 1660-1714 (2013)

ISBN 9780300162011

Kevin Sharpe

Reader in History at the University of Southampton

A three-book series exploring the importance of public image in the Tudor and Stuart monarchies

Thomas Cranmer

Thomas Cranmer: A Life  (2017)

Diarmaid MacCulloch

Professor of the History of the Church, University of Oxford

ISBN: 9780300226577

Thomas Cromwell

The Rise of Thomas Cromwell  (2016)

Michael Everett

Visiting Fellow at the University of Southampton

ISBN: 9780300223514

John Dee

The Arch Conjuror of England: John Dee (2013)

Glyn Parry

Professor of History, Northumbria University, Newcastle


Francis Drake

Sir Francis Drake: The Queen's Pirate (1998)

Harry Kelsey

Research Scholar at the Huntington Library, San Marino, California, USA

ISBN 9780300084634

Martin Frobisher

Martin Frobisher: Elizabethan Privateer (2013)

James McDermott

Independent Scholar

ISBN 9780300204766

John Hawkins

Sir John Hawkins: Queen Elizabeth's Slave Trader (2003)

Harry Kelsey

Research Scholar at the Huntington Library, San Marino, California, USA

ISBN 9780300180558

Henry V

Henry V: The Conscience of a King (2016)

Malcolm Vale

Emeritus Research Fellow in History, St. John’s College, Oxford

ISBN 9780300148732

Mary I

Fires of Faith: Catholic England Under Mary Tudor (2009)

Eamon Duffy

Professor of the History of Christianity at the University of Cambridge

ISBN 9780300152166


Nelson: Love and Fame (2003)

Edgar Vincent

ISBN 9780300097979

Phillip III of Spain

Philip III and the Pax Hispanica, 1598-1621: The Failure of Grand Strategy (2000)

Paul Allen

Adjunct Assistant Professor at Weber State University (Ogden, Utah)

ISBN: 9780300076820

Robert the Bruce

Robert the Bruce: King of the Scots (2014)

Michael Penman

Senior Lecturer in History at the University of Stirling

ISBN: 9780300148725


The Life and Legend of the Sultan Saladin (2019)

Jonathan Phillips

Professor of the History of the Crusades at Royal Holloway, University of London

ISBN 9780300247060


Wellington (2 volumes)

The Path to Victory 1769-1814 (2013)

Waterloo and the Fortunes of Peace 1814–1852 (2019)

Rory Muir

Visiting Research Fellow, University of Adelaide

ISBN 9780300186659 (Volume 1)

ISBN 9780300187861 (Volume 2)


1715: The Great Jacobite Rebellion (2006)

Daniel Szechi

Professor of History, Auburn University

ISBN: 9780300111022

Armada: the Spanish Enterprise and England's Deliverance in 1588 (2022)

Geoffrey Parker

Professor of European History, Ohio State University

and Colin Martin

former Reader in Maritime Archaeology, St Andrews University

ISBN  9780300259865

The Battle of Agincourt (2017)

Edited by Anne Curry and Malcolm Mercer

Anne Curry is Professor of History and Dean of the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Southampton

Malcolm Mercer is Curator of Tower History at the Royal Armouries Museum

ISBN: 9780300228779

Britons: Forging the Nation 1707-1837 (2009)

Linda Colley

M. C. Davis 1958 Professor of History, Princeton University

ISBN: 9780300152807

England and the Spanish Armada: The Necessary Quarrel (2005)

James McDermott

ISBN 9780300106985

The Field of Cloth of Gold (2020)

Glenn Richardson

Professor of Early Modern History, St. Mary’s University, London

ISBN 9780300248029

The Gentleman's Daughter: Women`s Lives in Georgian England (1998)

Amanda Vickery

Lecturer in Modern British Women’s History at Royal Holloway College, University of London

ISBN 978300075300

The Georgians: The Deeds and Misdeeds of 18th-Century Britain (2022)

Penelope J. Corfield

Professor of History at Royal Holloway College, University of London

ISBN 978300253573

Heretics and Believers: A History of the English Reformation (2018)

Peter Marshall

Professor of History, University of Warwick

ISBN: 9780300234589

How the Old World Ended: The Anglo-Dutch-American Revolution 1500-1800 (2020)

Jonathan Scott

Professor of History, University of Auckland

ISBN: 9780300243598

The King’s Reformation: Henry VIII and the Remaking of the English Church (2005)

G.W. Bernard

Professor of Early Modern History, University of Southampton

ISBN 978300109085

The Long Parliament of Charles II (2008)

Annabel Patterson

Sterling Professor of English Emeritus, Yale University

ISBN 9783000137088

The Late Medieval English Church: Vitality and Vulnerability Before the Break with Rome (2013)

G. W. Bernard

Professor of Early Modern History, University of Southampton

ISBN: 9780300197129

Pagan Britain (2015)

Ronald Hutton

Professor of History, University of Bristol

ISBN: 9780300205466

A Plague of Informers: Conspiracy and Political Trust in William III's England (2014)

Rachel Weil

Professor of History, Cornell University

ISBN 9783000171044

The Siege of Acre, 1189-1191: Saladin, Richard the Lionheart, and the Battle That Decided the Third Crusade (2018)

John D. Hosler

Associate Professor of Military History at the Command and General Staff College (Fort Leavenworth, Kansas)

ISBN: 9780300215502

This Seat of Mars: War and the British Isles, 1485-1746 (2011)

Charles Carlton

Professor Emeritus of History, North Carolina State University

ISBN 9783000139136

Tudor England: a History (2022)

Lucy Wooding

Langford fellow and tutor in history, Lincoln College, University of Oxford

ISBN 978300162721

The Warrior Generals: Winning the British Civil Wars (2010)

Malcolm Wanklyn

Professor of History, University of Wolverhampton


The Wars of the Roses (2010)

Michael Hicks

Professor of Medieval History, University of Winchester

ISBN 9783000114323

Other Yale Biographies and  History Books

While the purpose of this website is to examine the English Monarchs series, many other British history books of similar tone have been published by Yale which could be said to be complementary to books in the English Monarchs series and which in some way intersect with the series. These titles are one step away from those being regarded here as 'Companion' titles but are significant studies in British history.

Most of the titles below are recognisably biographical, but a few general historical studies have been added. As noted on the Publishers page on this website, Methuen lost the plot with history titles and issued few of any note other than in the series.

The selection of books not already mentioned in this website has been limited to to the end of the Georgian period, matching the extent of the series itself, and the last twenty-odd years for which Yale University Press has had custodianship of the series.

The book titles have links to the page at Yale University Press.

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