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Early Anglo-Saxon Period

The Anglo-Saxon World

Anglo-Saxon England

The Saxon Kings: from Amazon - or ABE

Alfred the Great

Alfred the Great by Justin Pollard

Alfred the Great by David Horspool

Alfred the Great by Richard Abels

Edward the Elder

Buy Edward the Elder edited by N.J. Higham

Buy Edward the Elder by Harriet Harvey Wood

Buy Edward the Elder by Michael John Key


Buy The Warrior, Queen by Joanna Arman

Buy Æthelflæd, Lady of the Mercians by Tim Clarkson

Buy Founder, Fighter, Saxon Queen by Margaret Jones

Edgar the Peaceful

Buy Edgar, king of the English from Amazon

Edward the Martyr

Buy Elfrida : The First Crowned Queen of England from Amazon

Edward the Confessor

Frank Barlow's biography of Thomas Becket

Harold Godwinson

Buy Harold : The Last Anglo-Saxon King

Buy Harold II : The Doomed Saxon King

Buy The Godwins

King Stephen

Buy The Empress Matilda by Marjorie Chibnall


Buy the Marjorie Chibnall biography from ABE

Eleanor of Aquitaine

Buy Inventing Eleanor from Amazon


Buy Ralph V. Turner's King John: England's Evil King

Henry III

Magna Carta

The Minority of Henry III from ABE

Buy The Reign of Henry III from ABE

Buy Darren Baker's Henry III

Buy Eleanor of Provence

Buy Simon de Montfort by Labarge from Amazon

Buy The King of Almayne from ABE

Edward I

Buy Eleanor Of Castile: The Shadow Queen

Edward II

Buy Robert the Bruce

Edward III

Buy Philippa of Hainault by B.C. Hardy

Henry IV

Buy Ian Mortimer's Henry IV biography

Henry V

Buy Christopher Allmand's The Hundred Year's War from Amazon

Henry VI

Buy Ralph Griffith's biography of Henry VI

Edward IV

Buy Elizabeth Woodville: Mother of the Princes in the Tower

Mary I

Buy Lady Jane Grey: a Tudor Mystery by Eric Ives

James I

Buy Pauline Croft's King James

Buy Alan Stewart's The Cradle King

Buy Caroline Bingham's James VI of Scotland

Buy Caroline Bingham's James I of England

Buy John Matusiak's James I

Charles I

Buy the Pauline Gregg Charles I book

Buy the Kevin Sharpe Charles I

Buy the Christopher Hibbert Charles I book

Buy the Richard Cust Charles I book

Charles II

Buy the John Miller Charles II book

Buy the Antonia Fraser Charles II book

Buy the Ronald Hutton Charles II book

George III

Buy The Life of Louis XVI

William IV

Buy Ziegler's William IV


Buy Victoria: a Life

Edward VII

Buy Bertie: A Life of Edward VII

George V

Buy King George V from Amazon or ABE