Pygmalion publishers (an imprint of Flammarion in Paris) have produced a series of biographies on French kings called Histoire des rois de France, and French language readers will be delighted to find that there are many books in the series, with twenty-eight currently in print. These are available from the publisher, the French Amazon store, and no doubt other vendors.

There is no French edition as yet for Catherine Hanley’s book on Louis the Lion (later crowned as Louis VIII). A few biographies of Louis exist in French, the most academic would seem to be 'Louis VIII: Le Lion’ by Gérard Sivéry (Fayard, 1995), which is not part of the Histoire des rois de France series.

Callwey, Munich 1980

Diederichs, Munich 2004

Flammarion, Paris 2019

Fayard, Paris 2011

Agnès Viénot, Paris, 1996

Claassen, Berlin


Deutscher Bücherbund, 1988 (Bookclub edition)

Pawlak Herrsch, Bavaria, 1991

Planeta, Madrid


Societäts-Verlag, Frankfurt


Five English Monarchs titles or our so called ‘Companion’ titles have been translated into foreign languages. None of these editions mention that the books are part of an English language history series. See the individual book pages for further details.

It's not an entirely one-way street with translations; For example in 2019 Yale published an English language version of Luca Fezzi's 2017 Italian language study of Caesar and Pompeii 'Il dado è tratto: Cesare e la resa di Roma' ('The die is cast: Caesar and the surrender of Rome'). The Yale edition's title was tweaked from the original Italian to become 'Crossing the Rubicon: Caesar's Decision and the Fate of Rome'.


David Douglas' 1964 ‘William the Conqueror’  was published in a German edition by Callwey in 1980 as Wilhelm der Eroberer, and reprinted by Diederichs in 2004. Oddly, no French language version of this important work was found.

David Bates’ 2016 ‘William the Conqueror’ was published by Flammarion in a French edition in 2019 as Guillaume le Conquerant.


Ralph V. Turner’s 2009 ‘Eleanor of Aquitaine’ was published in a French edition by Fayard in 2011. Tactful, putting her first husband on the cover, don't you think? C.H. Beck publishers issued a German translation in 2013.


Two foreign language versions of Gillingham’s 1978 biography of Richard I were published. A French language version was published in 1996 by Agnès Viénot Editions (ISBN 9782911606045) titled ‘Richard Coeur de Lion’. No fewer than three German language editions were published in 1988, 1990 and 1991. 'Richard Löwenherz’ was issued in 1988 by Deutscher Bücherbund (ISBN unknown); in 1990 by Claassen-Verlag (ISBN 9783546432238) with a cover borrowed from the 1989 British reprint of the 1978 book ("Richard I fighting a lion from a sixteenth century woodcut"); and was reissued in 1991 by Pawlak Herrsch (ISBN 9783881997386). Although this early version of Gillingham’s work was not the expanded 1999 Yale version, nevertheless it is the author’s earlier work on Richard is a representative of his English Monarchs book in other languages.


Planeta, Spain’s largest media publishing group, has published a Spanish version of Geoffrey Parker’s biography of Philip II of Spain. The Spanish edition was published in 2015 - the year after the Yale English language version.


The German publisher Societäts-Verlag released a German language version of Ragnhild Hatton’s ‘George I’ in 1982 with the title ‘Georg I: Ein deutscher Kurfürst auf Englands Thron’ (George I: A German Elector on the throne of England).

Beck, Munich, 2013