Francis I (1982/1994)

Francis I (1982) - 1st Ed.

Renaissance Warrior and Patron (2003) - 2nd ed.

French Monarchs Series - Alternative Publisher

By R.J. Knecht (1926-  )

Emeritus Professor of French History,  University of Birmingham

This book was published by the Cambridge University Press both in its first edition in 1982, and a revised and expanded second edition in paperback in 1994.

‘Renaissance Warrior and Patron: The Reign of Francis I’ is a meticulous and academic study by an expert in the period. Knecht re-wrote this book for its second edition in his “retirement”. Both editions are similar to an English Monarchs series title in scope and readership, although a revised edition is always preferred.

To continue seeing a construction of what a French Monarchs series might have looked like had it continued with books from the English Monarchs publishers use the link at the top for Henry III.

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ISBN data:

1982 hardback - 9780521243445

2008 Paperback - 9780521278874

1st edition

1982 Hardback

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2nd edition

1994 Hardback

2008 Paperback

ISBN data:

1994 Hardback - 9780521417969

1997 Paperback - 9780521578851

1st edition

1984 Paperback