Henry III (2007)

Hero or Tyrant?: Henry III, King of France 1574-1589 (2007)

French Monarchs Series - Potential follow-up author

By R.J. Knecht (1926-  )

Emeritus Professor of French History,  University of Birmingham

Robert Knecht wrote the biography of Francis I which was promised as a French Monarchs title but was ultimately published by Cambridge University Press. This later book by the same author was released by another academic publisher in London - Bloomsbury Academic. Using the broad eligibility for inclusion in a reconstructed French Monarchs series this has been chosen because the author would have been a prime candidate for writing this English language biography for a continuing series.

The publisher claims this is the first English language study of Henry III since 1858. The ‘bad kings’ often are fertile ground for re-assessment and this study is no exception. This is a thoroughly academic ‘political history’ biography and one of the premier works in this catalogue. It was published as a hardback only - but is available as a Kindle book from Amazon in Britain and the USA (but grossly overpriced at about £30.00 and US $45 respectively). Needless to say, used copies of the hardback are very expensive to purchase.

To continue seeing a construction of what a French Monarchs series might have looked like had it continued with books from the English Monarchs publishers use the link at the top for Henry IV.

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ISBN data:

Hardback - 9781472429308

Bloomsbury Academic 2007

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