Henri IV

Henry IV: King of France (1983)

French Monarchs Series - Alternative Publisher

By David Buisseret (1934-  )

Professor of History, University Texas

This book was published in the United States by HarperCollins and in the UK by Unwin. It was originally to be published by Methuen and the University of California Press as part of their French Monarchs series. A decade after the cancellation of the series the author had success in getting the title published by HarperCollins/Unwin.

Buisseret's biography of Henry IV is a chronological account of Henry’s twenty-one year reign and leans towards popular history rather than an academic account looking at the structure of government and society.

To continue seeing a construction of what a French Monarchs series might have looked like had it continued with books from the English Monarchs publishers use the link at the top for Louis XIII.

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ISBN data:

HarperCollins Hardback - 9780049440128

Unwin Hardback 9780049440128

HarperCollins Hardback 1984

Unwin Hardback 1984

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