Napoleon: the Path to Power (2008)

Citizen Emperor: Napoleon in Power (2012)

By Philip Dwyer

Professor of History, University of Newcastle, NSW

This biography is a massive two volume work published by Yale in 2008 and 2012 (and by Bloomsbury in the UK printings).

How many books are there on this individual? How many are as thorough as this Yale pair? Very few.

Professor Dwyer has raised the bar on this subject and created a vivid account of two decades of turbulent French history both for the expert and the interested general audience.

The first volume of the two won the 2008 Australian National Biography Award.

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ISBN data:

2012 Hardback - 9780300162431

2015 Paperback - 9780300212532

ISBN data:

2008 Hardback - 9780300137545

2009 Paperback - 9780300151329