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Wellington: the Path to Victory (2013)

Wellington: Waterloo and the

Fortunes of Peace (2015)

By Rory Muir (1962-  )

Visiting Research Fellow, School of History and Politics,

University of Adelaide

Book Editor: Robert Baldock

If you thought you’d finished with Yale books on the Wellington/Napoleon era think again. Just as the Corsican gentleman had a Yale biography in two volumes, so too does the Iron Duke.

To segue back to England from our tour through the French kings we take a look at Wellington. Although not a king or emperor, he served later in life as Prime Minister.

Muir states in his preface to the first volume that his biography will attempt to wrench the narrative about Wellington away from William Napier's influence towards a dispassionate account - a balanced account of Wellington’s life rather than from the bias Napier bequeathed to subsequent biographers.

The author credits Robert Baldock for commissioning the book in 1999, and comments that it consumed fifteen years of his life to produce the two volumes.

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2013 Hardback - 9780300186659

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